Since 1996, Cahill Construction has built over 1,000 retail stores and restaurants in hundreds of cities across the US and Canada (see map below). The contacts we maintain with thousands of subcontractors and vendors enable us to accommodate the individual needs of our customers, as well as provide the best service and value. In addition, we now create personalized Web sites for our clients that deliver daily progress reports and images of current projects.

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Trey Cahill


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
Construction Management Bachelor Degree achieved June, 1995
Civil Engineering Technology Associates Degree achieved June, 1993


Started in the business as a carpenter during summers in 1988. Through cooperative education worked seven full-time quarters and six part-time quarters gaining practical experience while receiving an education. Co-op quarters were spent with three different companies, beginning at assistant superintendent, and advancing to superintendent with one company. Working as an assistant project manager for another firm and eventually performing the duties of Project Engineer, Project Estimator, and Project Manager for one of the largest contractors in the country. Upon graduation accepted a job as Project Manager, Pre-construction with a Design/Build Contractor. Presently residing as President of Cahill Construction Inc.


Extensive experience in estimating and setting budgets for projects of all sizes. Total estimates and budgets compile for over 425 million dollars worth of projects. Other attributes include experience in project scheduling, value engineering, overseeing project planning and design, contract negotiations, accounting, and project management. Computer knowledge includes a great deal of work with multiple construction software packages, as well as scheduling, accounting, drawing, and all basic Microsoft software.



1996 - Present
President and Shareholder

General Contracting Corporation primarily focused on providing construction management services to investors in the commercial markets, mainly retail stores and restaurants. This website serves as Cahill Construction's resume.


1995 - 1996
Project Manager, Pre-construction

Handled all aspects of Pre-construction as well as the monitoring of cash flow and oversight of project management on over 1.5 million square feet of tenant improvement projects in the Columbus area. Other projects included the handling of pre-construction services for tenant improvements, build to suits, and large warehouse construction, on approximately 3.5 million square feet of projects in the Chicago area. Responsibilities included: Meeting with customers and finding out their wants and needs, setting budgets for their projects, hiring consultants, overseeing the project design so that it would adhere to the budget, meeting with city council for zoning reviews, determine final GMP and construction schedule, putting together contracts, and bringing the pre-construction process to closure with the issuance of final construction drawings. Achievements included bring seven contracts to closure while earning above the estimated profit overall.


1992 - 1995
Project Estimator / Engineer / Manager

Worked three quarters full-time and six quarters part-time on General, Prime, and Sub-Contract projects throughout the country. Functioning as an estimator on over 120 million dollars in total bids. After several successful bids, began to participate in the management of certain projects. Responsibilities included: Contract negotiations, buy-out, creating schedule of values, value engineering, project scheduling, and project management.


1991 - 1992
Assistant Project Manager

Worked two consecutive quarters on four individual contracts at the Toyota Plant Expansion in Georgetown, Kentucky. The contracts encompassed 2.5 million square feet of built-up roofing, sheet metal, and roof blocking. Major responsibilities included: Procurement of materials, handling of all field office work, attendance at all weekly job meetings, coordination of work with General Contractors, quality control monitor, and safety officer.


1990 - 1991

Worked one quarter as an assistant superintendent on an athletic club addition, advanced to project superintendent the following quarter on a retail store renovation. Responsibilities included: Authoring daily reports, monitoring schedules, and overseeing subcontractors, material suppliers, and company employees.

Partial List of Projects and Responsibilities outside of Cahill Construction Inc.

  • V.A. Medical Center - Dallas, Texas, Lead Estimator, Project Engineer/Manager
  • Indiana University Sports Facility - Bloomfield, Indiana; Estimator
  • Proctor and Gamble CFN, CFS, and PRL Buildings - Cincinnati, Ohio; Estimator
  • First Hawaiian Center - Honolulu, Hawaii; Estimator
  • St. Louis Stadium, Kiel Center - St. Louis Missouri; Estimator
  • Orange County Convention Center - Orlando, Florida; Lead Estimator and Project Engineer
  • University of Cincinnati D.A.A.P Building (Eisemann Design); Estimator, Project Engineer
  • Ohio Center for the Arts, Aronoff Center - Cincinnati, Ohio; Estimator
  • University of Michigan Cancer and Geriatrics Center - Ann Arbor, Michigan; Estimator
  • V.A. Medical Center - Ann Arbor, Michigan; Estimator
  • University of Kentucky - Central Life and Sciences Building; Estimator and Project Engineer
  • Lakeland Community College - Cleveland, Ohio; Estimator
  • Naval Hospital - Portsmouth, Virginia; Estimator
  • D.C.S.C. - Columbus, Ohio, Estimator
  • Rockwell International - Washington D.C.; Lead Estimator
  • Indiana School of Music - Bloomfield, Indiana; Project Engineer
  • Federal Prison - Elkton, OH; Estimator
  • Wright Patterson Acquisition Management Complex; Estimator
  • Mayerson School - Cincinnati, Ohio; Lead Estimator
  • Maple Knoll Village - Cincinnati, Ohio; Estimator
  • Lazarus Westland - Columbus, Ohio; Estimator
  • Sam's Club - Cincinnati, Ohio; Estimator
  • Wal-Mart - Beavercreek, Ohio; Estimator
  • Brown County Hospital - Brown County, Ohio; Estimator
  • Dublin Recreation Center - Dublin, Ohio; Estimator
  • Federal Courthouse - Charleston, West Virginia; Lead Estimator
  • Borden - Columbus, Ohio; Project Manager, Pre-construction
  • Airborne Express - Columbus, Ohio; Project Manager, Pre-construction
  • UCA&L - Columbus, Ohio; Project Manager, Pre-construction
  • Reynolds & Reynolds - Columbus, Ohio; Project Manager, Pre-construction
  • Amerisource Health Services - Columbus, Ohio; Project Manager, Pre-construction
  • Expeditors International - Columbus, Ohio; Project Manager, Pre-construction
  • Carol Stream Building 1 - Chicago, Illinois; Project Manager, Pre-construction
  • Carol Stream Building 2 - Chicago, Illinois; Project Manager, Pre-construction
  • O.S.U. Family Medicine North - Columbus, Ohio; Project Manager, Pre-construction
  • Airborne Express Expansion - Columbus, Ohio; Project Manager, Pre-construction

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